What is the Related Transactions widget?

The Related Transactions widget shows all active sale and purchase transactions for the client and at what stage this is at. This is useful to know if the client is in the legal process of buying or selling another property as this gives you a quick overview of all the transactions in one place.

What is the Client Information widget?

The Client Information widget stores the client reference and current status, the reference is your own internal reference for your client and will be used in various emails and letters. If you update this information, it will update on all transactions related to the client. This can be updated at any time by clicking on the edit button.

How do I delete a client from an Altis transaction?

When there is only one client – When there is only one client, you can simply delete the client by selecting the ‘rubbish bin’ icon on the top of the widget. This will also remove all clients if there are multiple clients. When there are multiple clients – To remove a client from your transaction when there are multiple clients, … Read More

How do I assign my transaction to a colleague?

You are able to assign your transaction to a colleague either for a set period of time or indefinitely, find out how to do both below. Within your transaction you will be able to see a widget titled ‘Assign to a Colleague’, it shows you who is currently assigned to this transaction. On this widget there is a button that … Read More

What is the Transaction Lenders widget?

The transaction Lenders widget shows you the details of the lenders involved in the transaction. It outlines the name of the lender(s), the account number of the transaction and the address if it is provided. This information is used in the auto-population of your documents within Altis.

What are the ‘Contact Details’?

These are the contact details for your client. This widget will also show any additional contacts related to the original contact e.g their spouse or partner. If your contacts details are amended here, they will be amended in every instance on the system that this contacts information appears.

What is the Personal Details Vault?

The Personal Details Vault is a widget that is designed to house all of your client’s personal documents. It has an additional layer of security so as to provide extra protection for the sensitive information within, and to remind you that this information is never shared with the other side. The widget will lock itself down after 5 minutes. Open … Read More

How do I make a note?

To make a note on the notepad, you just need to click on the notepad and begin typing! Then just click the floppy disk icon on the top right and this will save the note. The notepad is just for notes that anyone picking up the case in your absence may need; client’s on holiday, yourself on holiday and when … Read More