How do I start a new transaction (purchasing/selling)?

There are a couple of ways that you can begin a new Purchase or Selling transaction within Altis.

Once you’ve logged in using either your username/password or your Law Society SmartCard, head to the Menu on the left where you will see a tab entitled ‘Transactions’. Within this tab you will be given the option to create a new Selling or Purchasing transaction, select the applicable type and fill in the wizard steps! Then Viola, you should have your case file up and running! The other side will receive a notification to transact with you at this point.



The other option for creating a transaction is by pulling it through from BDP or the ESPC Member portal. This functionality will only be possible if you either use BDP or are an ESPC Member firm at the moment. However we would happily integrate with any other types of software you use for your estate agency. This will work via a ‘Send to Altis’ button, which will automatically pull through the property information as well as any relevant documents that are associated with this transaction.

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