What are the ways in which I can log Communications?

There a few different ways in which the Communications widget will receive note of your correspondence. The first, and most intuitive way, is for your email exchange to push through the emails you receive regarding Altis, directly into your Altis inbox. This requires your IT provider to alter a few of the settings within your emails to set your system to recognize certain keywords within the content of the body of your emails. For example, if your email to a client contains the subject ‘#altislegal-1234’ it will be recognised by your email system, and subsequently be pushed into Altis straight into the Communications widget of the relevant transaction. If Altis does not recognise the correct transaction, it will place the email in the general Inbox which can be found on the left hand side of your screen.

The system will also place any letters you create in the document section into the Communications widget. The body of the letter will be displayed in plain text in the communications widget and this way you are able to keep a track of all letters sent alongside emails, phone calls, etc.

Other way in which your communications will be logged is by inputting them manually. It will require you to input the information relating to meetings, phone calls, and any other forms of contact with anyone relating to this transaction directly into the communications log. This button can be found at the bottom of the widget ‘Create new Contact Note’. This then opens a dialogue box which asks for you to select the type of communication from a drop down list, then type in the content of the note.

communications log