• Centralisation

    All documentation and notes relating to the case are kept in one place providing a secure environment for you to work in. The case can be accessed anywhere and by multiple users.

  • Bigger Picture

    See an overview of all your cases and any outstanding tasks. The reporting system allows you to filter just to see the cases you are interested in and you can download this information to take to meetings.

  • Interaction

    Collaborate with the other side of the transaction by sharing documentation and making observations. Altis allows multiple users, takes the hassle out of reporting and provides handy links and documentation.

  • Automation

    Through our work with Registers of Scotland, Revenue Scotland, CML, Lenders and search providers, the platform will automatically create documents, letters and submit applications at a click of a button.

  • Customisation

    You can customise Altis to suit your workflow and keep your processes running smoothly whether you’re acting for the buyer or seller. You only need to enter your client’s details and risk assessment once – so no more double keying.

  • Mitigation

    Altis mitigates risk and increases efficiency – and it’s the only platform developed in partnership with The Law Society of Scotland. It focuses on giving you one central place for all your conveyancing transactions, providing a secure and transparent environment for both you and your client.

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