Adding a conveyancer not appearing for the Other Side?

Altis maintains a list of solicitors, conveyancers, legal secretaries and legal administrators. This list contains names and details of Solicitors registered with the Law Society of Scotland. However, Altis does not have a definitive list of all conveyancers, legal secretaries and legal administrators (grouped as conveyancers within the Altis platform).

What does this mean? From time-to-time you may need to manually add a conveyancer to Altis. This allows you and your colleagues to select them again for any future transactions that they may be acting on for the other side.

Once added they will automatically be assigned to the transaction under the Other Side Details widget and they will receive notification emails as normal.

To add a new conveyancer to an existing list:

  1. Select the other side widget and click edit details
  2. Select the firm and choose the branch that they belong to
  3. Tick the box – Add new Conveyancer to selected Firm and Branch
  4. Complete the required details; then
  5. Click Save

If any solicitor is missing from Altis, or their details need updating, please contact Altis at