The Altis Office Plugin (Word and Outlook)


Altis for Office is an add-in for Microsoft Office which allows users to easily save documents and emails to conveyancing cases in Altis. The add-in is designed to work on versions of Microsoft Office from 2003 and above, and either 32-bit or 64-bit editions (separate installers are required).

  32-bit Office:

  64-bit Office:

The plugin is designed to work with the live Altis platform. If you need to work with the plugin in the training environment at you will need to apply this registry patch.

You IT team will be able to help you apply this.

To switch back to live apply this patch.

Office integration

The Altis for Office add-in adds an “Altis” menu item to the ribbon bar in Word and Outlook:

The options available are very straightforward:

  • Save to Altis – saves the current document to a case in Altis.
  • Help – Displays the help documentation.
  • About – See version information about the add-in version.

Opening documents

Documents can be opened from either your local PC or from within Altis itself.   The advantage of opening a document from Altis is that it already knows which transaction the document is linked to, so when you save the document again, it automatically saves it back to the same transaction.

Saving Documents

To save an email or document to Altis simply click “Save to Altis”.   If this is the first time you have used the add-in, you will be asked to authenticate your identity by entering your Altis username and password:

You won’t be asked to do this every time you save to Altis – the add-in will remember your credentials (or to be more specific, it will remember your security token) so it won’t prompt you to authenticate again.

After successfully authenticating with Altis, you will see a list of transactions you linked to that you can save the email or document into:

The transaction selection window may not show the “Firms” list if you are only linked to a single firm.

You can also switch between viewing sale or purchase transactions by clicking the “Transactions” radio buttons above the transaction list.

Simply click on the transaction you wish to save the document against, click Select, and after a second or two you will see a confirmation that the document was saved against that transaction.