How do I amend the standard Altis styles/templates?

Note: At Altis we sometimes call our pre-loaded templates ‘the vanilla styles’, so if that phrase is used you will know the reference.

Altis users are able to amend the pre-loaded styles to read whatever the firm would like them to say. This is in addition to the ability to add your own styles to the system. There is also the ability to reorder the styles into whichever the firm prefers; this is to allow those who like to organise their documents chronologically to do so, and those who prefer an alphabetised layout to do the same.

To amend a pre-loaded style:

  1. Go to the configuration tab on the left hand side of your screen (this will only be accessible if you have administrative rights allocated to your Altis account).
  2. Find in the Document Template or the Document styles widget and locate the template you wish to amend.
  3. Select the ‘Edit’ button locate don the right of the style title and continue to make your amendments to the style and save.

To rearrange the order of your styles simply drag the styles into the order you’d like them to appear in. You are also able to rearrange the email style in this manner too.