How do I assign my transaction to a colleague?

You are able to assign your transaction to a colleague either for a set period of time or indefinitely, find out how to do both below.

Within your transaction you will be able to see a widget titled ‘Assign to a Colleague’, it shows you who is currently assigned to this transaction.

On this widget there is a button that says ‘Click here to assign to a colleague’, select this option.

assign to a colleague

You will then be presented with the fields to select who (from your firm only) you would like to designate the transaction to, what their role is, and how long they will be solicitor/conveyancer of this case for.

In the example below, we are setting Karen Graham as the conveyancer from the 1st-5th of May:


assign to a colleague


assign to a colleague

assign a colleague

To set Karen as the conveyancer indefinitely, we would not enter a date range in the ‘Dates’ field.