Adding a conveyancer not appearing for the Other Side?

Altis maintains a list of solicitors, conveyancers, legal secretaries and legal administrators. This list contains names and details of Solicitors registered with the Law Society of Scotland. However, Altis does not have a definitive list of all conveyancers, legal secretaries and legal administrators (grouped as conveyancers within the Altis platform). What does this mean? From time-to-time you may need to … Read More

What is the Documents widget?

The Documents widget is where the firm can store documents relating to the prospect. Amongst others, you have the following options available; · Title Sheet · Schedule · Home Report · Missives · Alterations Document · Specialist Documents · Standard clauses (This should automatically populate with the most recent version of this document) · Client Guide for standard clauses (This ... Read More

What is the Selling Agent widget

The Selling Agent widget allows users to record who is the selling agent in a particular transaction. This is particularly useful if the selling agent and the selling solicitor are different organisations. This widget can be found on a Sale, Purchase and PIP transaction. To add a selling agent, first click on the link in the title ‘Click here to … Read More

What is the “Your Team” widget

The Your Team widget allows users to add their own firm contacts that will be acting on the transaction. Click on the button titled ‘Add a team member’: Select the User and Role and click on the ‘Save’ button. Your or your colleagues details will be added to the transaction. Multiple contacts can be added and removed. You can add … Read More

The Altis Office Plugin (Word and Outlook)

Overview Altis for Office is an add-in for Microsoft Office which allows users to easily save documents and emails to conveyancing cases in Altis. The add-in is designed to work on versions of Microsoft Office from 2003 and above, and either 32-bit or 64-bit editions (separate installers are required).   32-bit Office:   64-bit Office: The plugin is … Read More

What is the Related Transactions widget?

The Related Transactions widget shows all active sale and purchase transactions for the client and at what stage this is at. This is useful to know if the client is in the legal process of buying or selling another property as this gives you a quick overview of all the transactions in one place.

What is the Client Information widget?

The Client Information widget stores the client reference and current status, the reference is your own internal reference for your client and will be used in various emails and letters. If you update this information, it will update on all transactions related to the client. This can be updated at any time by clicking on the edit button.

How do you create a PDF of the transaction summary?

You are able to export your summary view of the transaction screen by selecting the following button: Your computer will then either automatically download or automatically open this file, which will look like the following: From there you are able to save, print or send your PDF document as necessary.

What is the Supporting Deeds widget?

The Supporting Deeds widget records the details for any additional deeds required for submission to the Registers of Scotland. These will be pulled in to the Land Registration Application form using the information provided in the widget. To add a supporting deed, first click on the button titled ‘Click here to add a new deed’. Select the deed type, date … Read More

How do I delete a client from an Altis transaction?

When there is only one client – When there is only one client, you can simply delete the client by selecting the ‘rubbish bin’ icon on the top of the widget. This will also remove all clients if there are multiple clients. When there are multiple clients – To remove a client from your transaction when there are multiple clients, … Read More