How do I assign my transaction to a colleague?

You are able to assign your transaction to a colleague either for a set period of time or indefinitely, find out how to do both below. Within your transaction you will be able to see a widget titled ‘Assign to a Colleague’, it shows you who is currently assigned to this transaction. On this widget there is a button that … Read More

What is the ‘Searcher Details’ widget?

This widget controls which Search company or companies your firm has access to from the Search icon on the transaction screen. There are also options to add in your firm’s account ID for the searchers provided. (The below example is from a firm who uses all three of our current search providers; First Scottish, Miller & Bryce and DM Hall.)

Can I upload my own template to the email styles?

To upload an email template first you must go to the configuration section, if you are not the key account holder or have administrative rights you will not be able to see this. Once in this section you will see a widget titled ‘Email Styles’, this is the widget that contains all of the email styles/templates that are available for your … Read More