What is the Payments section?

The payments section is the area of the system where you are able to view all invoices created for your firm by Altis. These invoices are generated on the date of entry for the transaction, and payment is taken seven days after. Payment is taken via Direct Debit, to inform us any changes to your direct debit information, please get … Read More

How do I archive a transaction?

In Altis you are able to archive your unused or completed transactions. Below is a step by step of how to archive using Altis. Step 1: Find and select the archive button on the toolbar at the top right of the transaction or in the drop down on the left-hand side of the screen Step 2: Head to the transactions … Read More

What are the instant notifications that appear on my Altis page?

Stay up to date at every moment with Altis’ instant notification feature. When the Other Side do something on a transaction you are assigned to, you will receive a notification in the top left hand side of your screen. Much like social media, this allows you to immediately respond or react to whatever’s happening in your transaction. The actions you … Read More

Information about Email Setup

This page outlines the information required to allow Altis to send emails on your behalf, and to help to prevent them from going into your recipient’s spam or junk folder, we need you to update your DNS(1) records with some new TXT records. Typically, the instructions below will be sent to your firm’s IT manager to implement the changes: Redirect To … Read More

How do I add a related transaction?

Within your transaction screen, you are able to add a related transaction to your current one. So for example, if Linda in the transaction below, is selling her property at Lynedoch Place, but purchasing one at Prestonhall Avenue, you are able to connect the two transactions. This means that if certain things haven’t been completed on one transactions, this system … Read More

What is ‘Google Maps’?

Google Maps is a handy tool that allows you to see where the property is located on a map. You are able to zoom in and scroll around the area and when possible, street view will also be provided. NB: Google Maps will take you to the centre of the postcode NOT to the specific property. Unfortunately this is not … Read More

What are the ‘Contact Details’?

These are the contact details for your client. This widget will also show any additional contacts related to the original contact e.g their spouse or partner. If your contacts details are amended here, they will be amended in every instance on the system that this contacts information appears.

What are ‘Reports’?

This is a handy tool that allows you to create various reports through Altis. It pulls various different pieces of information from your account to compile a report based on the transactions you are assigned to.