Adding a conveyancer not appearing for the Other Side?

Altis maintains a list of solicitors, conveyancers, legal secretaries and legal administrators. This list contains names and details of Solicitors registered with the Law Society of Scotland. However, Altis does not have a definitive list of all conveyancers, legal secretaries and legal administrators (grouped as conveyancers within the Altis platform). What does this mean? From time-to-time you may need to … Read More

What is the Documents widget?

The Documents widget is where the firm can store documents relating to the prospect. Amongst others, you have the following options available; · Title Sheet · Schedule · Home Report · Missives · Alterations Document · Specialist Documents · Standard clauses (This should automatically populate with the most recent version of this document) · Client Guide for standard clauses (This ... Read More

Rich text formatting in emails

You can use the rich text editor toolbar to format and style the text that appears in emails, such as: Bold, Italicise and Underline text Create numbered lists Create bulleted lists Increase or decrease the start of line position (indent) Create tables – add rows and columns Amend the font colour Note: The rich text editor tool can be used … Read More

What is the Selling Agent widget

The Selling Agent widget allows users to record who is the selling agent in a particular transaction. This is particularly useful if the selling agent and the selling solicitor are different organisations. This widget can be found on a Sale, Purchase and PIP transaction. To add a selling agent, first click on the link in the title ‘Click here to … Read More

What is the Other Side Team widget

The Other Side Team widget allows users to add and manage other side contacts when working on a solo transaction (i.e. the otherside is not using Altis or have not yet accepted the invite to work on the other side yet). To start adding contacts, you first must set which firm is acting on the other side via the Other … Read More

How do I send an email on behalf of someone else?

When sending emails from within an Altis transaction you can send them on behalf of someone else. Message recipients will see that the message has been sent on behalf of the other person. Any replies will be sent to the person whom the email was sent on behalf of. If you are using an email template that contains signatures the email will be … Read More

How do I save an email as a draft?

You can save your email as a draft to be completed and sent at a later date. To save a message To save an email as a draft: Within the transaction, select the email icon to create a new email Fill in the required fields Select your template Compose your email Click the save as draft & close button Consequently, your email will be stored … Read More

How do I create a new letter or document?

In Altis you can create a letter or a document using existing templates. To create a letter or document select the appropriate icon on the top of the page or from the tools menu on the left. Creating a document: Once you have selected the create new document icon, a new window will open, this is the part where you … Read More

How do I share a document?

Altis gives you the ability to share documents with the other side quickly and easily. To share a document you need to add this to the documents widget (document store). You can add documents to the document store by dragging and dropping the document from the sorting office or desktop to the appropriate document icon. You can also add documents … Read More

How do I archive all my documents from a transaction?

Once a transaction is completed you may wish to extract all the documents from your Altis transaction and store this to your case management system. Altis has the ability to archive all the documents from a transaction into a zip file, making it easy for you store this. To archive all the documents: Select the transaction you wish to archive … Read More