What is the Documents widget?

The Documents widget is where the firm can store documents relating to the prospect. Amongst others, you have the following options available; · Title Sheet · Schedule · Home Report · Missives · Alterations Document · Specialist Documents · Standard clauses (This should automatically populate with the most recent version of this document) · Client Guide for standard clauses (This ... Read More

How do I create a new letter or document?

In Altis you can create a letter or a document using existing templates. To create a letter or document select the appropriate icon on the top of the page or from the tools menu on the left. Creating a document: Once you have selected the create new document icon, a new window will open, this is the part where you … Read More

How do I share a document?

Altis gives you the ability to share documents with the other side quickly and easily. To share a document you need to add this to the documents widget (document store). You can add documents to the document store by dragging and dropping the document from the sorting office or desktop to the appropriate document icon. You can also add documents … Read More

How do QR codes work in Altis?

Scanning continues to be a pain point for firms using Altis (or any digital conveyancing platform for that matter). To help simplify the process, we have added QR codes to each transaction which will allow users to scan documents directly into the correct transaction without needing to know the Altis ID. It will also allow users to scan in batched … Read More

Can I upload my own templates to the document styles?

Yes you can add your own templates and styles for Altis to pre-populate with the correct information however only Key Account Holders and Administrators are able to update these templates as the templates are accessed by the whole firm. If you are the Key Account holder or Administrator, you can do this from the Configuration page on your toolbar on … Read More

How do I scan a document into Altis?

Scanning a document into Altis is the best way to get a paper document into the system. To do this you will need to have a scanner that is able to scan to email. Go to your scanner and get your document ready, in the ‘To’ field add in the following email address: scans@scans.altislegal.com In the subject line of the … Read More

How do I send an email to a specific Altis transaction?

By sending an email with the subject line including #altislegal followed by the transaction reference number (e.g #altislegal-1234), your message will automatically appear in the communications log of the relevant transaction. Any attachments will also show in the communications log and you can drag and drop them into the sorting office to await checking, or the relevant document icon if … Read More

How do I send an email to Altis when I don’t know the reference number?

By sending an email to your Altis email address, your email will automatically appear* in your Altis Inbox. Your Altis email address will follow this formula: username=example.co.uk@ep.altislegal.com. For example I log into Altis using the email address phoebe.bolton@espc.com, therefore my Altis email address would be phoebe.bolton=espc.com@ep.altislegal.com. If you need some help working out your unique Altis email address, please don’t … Read More

How do I upload a document to Altis?

Select the icon of the document type you wish to upload on the transaction page, in this example the land certificate. Once selected, this box will appear on your screen with a button that says ‘Upload Doc’, choose this and browse for the suitable document from your files.     Alternatively you can drag the document you wish to upload from … Read More