How do I create a PDF of the Observations widget?

You are able to export the Observations widget to a PDF, which can then be printed out, or sent elsewhere if it has to. To do this, head to the Observations widget where you will find the following button : Once selected, this button will create a PDF of your observations and will either open automatically, or download to your … Read More

What is an observation?

An observation is a note or message that you send to the other side. This message will be combined with a task or action you would like them to carry out. This prompts the other side to read/complete/upload a document or request a search. This allows both sides to speed up the transaction process by ensuring each side has done … Read More

How do I make a new observation?

There a number of places to make an observation, however the most obvious is from the Observations widget itself. Scroll down to the Observations widget on the transaction page and press the button that says ‘Click here to add a new observation’. It will then ask you to include a subject and click on the document/search type on the drop … Read More

Can I remove an observation?

You cannot remove an observation, however if you take the observation through the steps of the traffic light system it will go green and thus be completed.

What is the ‘traffic light’ system and how does it work?

The traffic light system is a system during which an observation changes colour depending on its status. This allows both sides of the transaction to keep on top of one another’s progress. Once the initial observation has been made, it will appear as a red ‘Action Required’ alert on the other side’s transaction page. Once they have then completed the … Read More