Adding a conveyancer not appearing for the Other Side?

Altis maintains a list of solicitors, conveyancers, legal secretaries and legal administrators. This list contains names and details of Solicitors registered with the Law Society of Scotland. However, Altis does not have a definitive list of all conveyancers, legal secretaries and legal administrators (grouped as conveyancers within the Altis platform). What does this mean? From time-to-time you may need to … Read More

What is the Other Side Team widget

The Other Side Team widget allows users to add and manage other side contacts when working on a solo transaction (i.e. the otherside is not using Altis or have not yet accepted the invite to work on the other side yet). To start adding contacts, you first must set which firm is acting on the other side via the Other … Read More

What is the ‘Other Side’?

This is a widget containing details of the solicitor and conveyancer on the Other Side of the transaction. This information is used when Altis pre-populates documents.