How do I create a draft letter in Altis?

In Altis you are able to create a draft letter, this allows you and your colleagues to continuously amend the document using the text edit function before it is ready to send.

When creating a letter within Altis, either via the dashboard or through a document icon, you will now be presented with two options; ‘Create Final Document’ or ‘Create Draft’.

The option to create final document will create the letter as it did before, and either place it in the sorting office or the Associated Documents tab of the relevant document icon, with a copy of it going instantly into the communications log.

The option to create a draft will create the document as usual and place it into the sorting office with a label that reads ‘Draft’. However unlike the final document, a copy of this draft will not go into the communications log, ensuring that it only does so when the document is finalised.

draft letter creation