How do I create a new task on the conveyancing checklist?

To add a task to the conveyancing checklist within Altis, you must first go to the Configuration section, located on the menu bar on the left. You will only have access to the configuration section if you are an administrative user.

Within this page there are two widgets, one for ‘Sale Checklist Configuration’ and one for ‘Purchase Checklist Configuration’. Go to the widget for the checklist you wish to add to.

At the bottom of the widget there is a button that says ‘Click here to add a new task’.

Once you have selected that button, you will be able to fill in the new task name, the name once you’ve completed the task, and the number of days prior to entry that you wish to be notified about the task (e.g. -14 = two weeks before Date of Entry). Then click save and you’ve done it!