How do I delete a client from an Altis transaction?

When there is only one client –

When there is only one client, you can simply delete the client by selecting the ‘rubbish bin’ icon on the top of the widget. This will also remove all clients if there are multiple clients.

When there are multiple clients –

To remove a client from your transaction when there are multiple clients, you must first find out if they are the primary contact or not. To find this out, head to the widget containing your client’s details (Seller Details or Purchaser Details, depending on which side you’re acting for). The primary contact will not have the delete functionality next to it – in the below example, Billie is the primary contact.

If you wish to delete the secondary client you are able to do so easily by selecting the icon with the rubbish bin next to their details.

However if you wish to delete the primary client, you must first select a new primary, by selecting the ‘person’ icon next to the details of the secondary contact.

To remove all clients, select the dustbin at the top of the widget.