How do I archive all my documents from a transaction?

Once a transaction is completed you may wish to extract all the documents from your Altis transaction and store this to your case management system. Altis has the ability to archive all the documents from a transaction into a zip file, making it easy for you store this.

To archive all the documents:

  1. Select the transaction you wish to archive
  2. Select the download all documents for this transaction button (the button is located either from the icon on the top of the page or from the tools option on the left of the screen )
  3. This will bring up a new window, select the option prepare-documents-archive
  4. This will bring up another new window that will list all of the documents from the current transaction
  5. Click the download documents archive button to start the archive process

This will archive all of the documents in your transaction from the document store, sorting office and attachments from the communications log. It will download the documents into a zip file which you can then open.

  • The file name structure for documents is: <Document type name> – <shared/private> – <file name> – <version> – <YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS> – <document id>.<extension>
  • The file name structure for email attachments is:  <YYYY-MM-DD_HH:MM:SS>- <from email> – <email subject (first 100 characters) – <file name>.<extension>