How do I share a document?

Altis gives you the ability to share documents with the other side quickly and easily.

To share a document you need to add this to the documents widget (document store). You can add documents to the document store by dragging and dropping the document from the sorting office or desktop to the appropriate document icon. You can also add documents by selecting the appropriate document icon and then on the new window that comes up click on the upload doc button located in the bottom right corner.

Once you have moved the document to the correct icon, you will be prompted to select if this is a shared or a private document.

  • Shared – this option shares the document with the other side and can be downloaded by them. ( please note that once this has been shared it cannot be un-shared)
  • Private – This will add the document to the document store and this will not be visible by the other side, this allows you to add documents to the correct category that you may not want the other side to see, for example, letters to your client.

If you have selected this as a shared document, you can add a small note for the other side to review, this may be a quick description or any information that may help the other side with the attached document. The note will be visible by selecting the view note icon, the note is also sent with any notification emails regarding the document.