What is the ‘traffic light’ system and how does it work?

The traffic light system is a system during which an observation changes colour depending on its status. This allows both sides of the transaction to keep on top of one another’s progress. Once the initial observation has been made, it will appear as a red ‘Action Required’ alert on the other side’s transaction page. Once they have then completed the required action, they ‘Respond’ to the observation.

observation action - red on the traffic light system


This then sends the observation back to the initial side and goes amber, this is now ‘Awaiting checking’. Once the observation has been checked, they can either ‘Respond’ if it is not satisfactory, or ‘Approve’ if they feel the observation has been completed. If it is decided the action was not satisfactory, the observation will appear red again on the other side of the transaction, and if it has been approved, it will appear green on both sides.

observ checking