How do QR codes work in Altis?

Scanning continues to be a pain point for firms using Altis (or any digital conveyancing platform for that matter). To help simplify the process, we have added QR codes to each transaction which will allow users to scan documents directly into the correct transaction without needing to know the Altis ID. It will also allow users to scan in batched of files into different transactions.

1. The QR code is located on the taskbar of the transaction as a PDF which users will print off.

2. To scan a document into Altis, simply place the QR code sheet at the start of the document and send to
HINT: There is no need to add a subject and you can scan multiple documents at the same time, simply place the appropriate QR code at the start of each document.

3. Once the scanned document reaches Altis, the system will remove the QR code from each document and it will be stored in the sorting office of the appropriate transaction. The file will be named date.time.scan number, e.g. “220817.1128.scan1”