How do I remove an item from the sorting office?

You are able to remove documents from your sorting office. When an item is removed using the archive functionality, it is never fully deleted, only hidden from view.

To do this, click on the document you want to archive – when you do, a box with the document info will appear on the screen. In the bottom left hand corner of this pop up there is a black archive button – click that and it will send the document into the Sorting Office widget archive.

Sorting Office widget opened.

You are also able to restore any documents that you have archived.

To do so, at the bottom left of the sorting office widget, you will see an archive button. If you click on this button you will be shown all the documents you have removed from the sorting office. To bring one back, click on the document and then click the restore button. The document will then be placed back into the sorting office for you.

Sorting Office widget Archive showing documents that can be restored.