How do I amend the standard Altis styles/templates?

Note: At Altis we sometimes call our pre-loaded templates ‘the vanilla styles’, so if that phrase is used you will know the reference. Altis users are able to amend the pre-loaded styles to read whatever the firm would like them to say. This is in addition to the ability to add your own styles to the system. There is also … Read More

What are the instant notifications that appear on my Altis page?

Stay up to date at every moment with Altis’ instant notification feature. When the Other Side do something on a transaction you are assigned to, you will receive a notification in the top left hand side of your screen. Much like social media, this allows you to immediately respond or react to whatever’s happening in your transaction. The actions you … Read More

What is the ‘Searcher Details’ widget?

This widget controls which Search company or companies your firm has access to from the Search icon on the transaction screen. There are also options to add in your firm’s account ID for the searchers provided. (The below example is from a firm who uses all three of our current search providers; First Scottish, Miller & Bryce and DM Hall.)

Can I upload my own templates to the document styles?

Yes you can add your own templates and styles for Altis to pre-populate with the correct information however only Key Account Holders and Administrators are able to update these templates as the templates are accessed by the whole firm. If you are the Key Account holder or Administrator, you can do this from the Configuration page on your toolbar on … Read More