How do I archive all my documents from a transaction?

Once a transaction is completed you may wish to extract all the documents from your Altis transaction and store this to your case management system. Altis has the ability to archive all the documents from a transaction into a zip file, making it easy for you store this. To archive all the documents: Select the transaction you wish to archive … Read More

How do I create a draft letter in Altis?

In Altis you are able to create a draft letter, this allows you and your colleagues to continuously amend the document using the text edit function before it is ready to send. When creating a letter within Altis, either via the dashboard or through a document icon, you will now be presented with two options; ‘Create Final Document’ or ‘Create Draft’. The option … Read More

How do I scan a document into Altis?

Scanning a document into Altis is the best way to get a paper document into the system. To do this you will need to have a scanner that is able to scan to email. Go to your scanner and get your document ready, in the ‘To’ field add in the following email address: In the subject line of the … Read More

How do I send an email to a specific Altis transaction?

By sending an email with the subject line including #altislegal followed by the transaction reference number (e.g #altislegal-1234), your message will automatically appear in the communications log of the relevant transaction. Any attachments will also show in the communications log and you can drag and drop them into the sorting office to await checking, or the relevant document icon if … Read More

How do I send an email to Altis when I don’t know the reference number?

By sending an email to your Altis email address, your email will automatically appear* in your Altis Inbox. Your Altis email address will follow this formula: For example I log into Altis using the email address, therefore my Altis email address would be If you need some help working out your unique Altis email address, please don’t … Read More

What is the ‘Other Side’?

This is a widget containing details of the solicitor and conveyancer on the Other Side of the transaction. This information is used when Altis pre-populates documents.

How do I upload a document to Altis?

Select the icon of the document type you wish to upload on the transaction page, in this example the land certificate. Once selected, this box will appear on your screen with a button that says ‘Upload Doc’, choose this and browse for the suitable document from your files.     Alternatively you can drag the document you wish to upload from … Read More

How do I bring a document icon back into the document widget?

If you drag an icon out of the Documents widget, it will remove the icon from the section.   If you did this by accident, or realise you do actually need to provide that specific document, fear not, you CAN get it back. At the top right hand corner of the documents widget you will see a small icon of … Read More

What is a Private Document?

An private document is one that isn’t shared with the other side unless you specify that it is a shared document. It is perhaps a letter regarding the document or other relevant documents that are not necessarily officially required, these can be private or not, depending on your selection.