Rich text formatting in emails

You can use the rich text editor toolbar to format and style the text that appears in emails, such as: Bold, Italicise and Underline text Create numbered lists Create bulleted lists Increase or decrease the start of line position (indent) Create tables – add rows and columns Amend the font colour Note: The rich text editor tool can be used … Read More

How do I save an email as a draft?

You can save your email as a draft to be completed and sent at a later date. To save a message To save an email as a draft: Within the transaction, select the email icon to create a new email Fill in the required fields Select your template Compose your email Click the save as draft & close button Consequently, your email will be stored … Read More

What is my Altis transaction reference number?

Your Altis transaction reference number is the unique reference which is assigned when you create your transaction. It is usually the digits at the end of the full transaction number that you are shown onscreen, in the case of the image below, the number used would be 3143. However these numbers can be shorter or longer than 4 digits.