How do I create a new letter or document?

In Altis you can create a letter or a document using existing templates. To create a letter or document select the appropriate icon on the top of the page or from the tools menu on the left. Creating a document: Once you have selected the create new document icon, a new window will open, this is the part where you … Read More

How do I create a draft letter in Altis?

In Altis you are able to create a draft letter, this allows you and your colleagues to continuously amend the document using the text edit function before it is ready to send. When creating a letter within Altis, either via the dashboard or through a document icon, you will now be presented with two options; ‘Create Final Document’ or ‘Create Draft’. The option … Read More

What is the Digital File?

The Digital File is widget shows you emails and other correspondence to or from any contact in your emails. Altis will recognise any emails you send and/or receive that relate to Altis and it will place them in this widget. You can also, drag files from the Sorting Office and add file notes. This allows all your correspondence regarding this … Read More