What is the Transaction Lenders widget?

The transaction Lenders widget shows you the details of the lenders involved in the transaction. It outlines the name of the lender(s), the account number of the transaction and the address if it is provided. This information is used in the auto-population of your documents within Altis.

What is ‘Your Firms’?

Altis gives you the ability to swap between firms should you be a part of or working for, more than one legal firm. When you login, you will not have been assigned to a firm, so you must search for and select your firm from the alphabetised list. This will then pull up all the transactions you have been assigned … Read More

An email has been put in the wrong transaction, how do I move it?

To reassign an email from the Communications Widget, check the box that sits in-line with the email. Then click the ‘Move Selected Emails’ button at the bottom of the widget (pictured below), this will open up a box that will ask you to select another transaction to assign the email to, select the correct email and click the ‘Assign’ button. … Read More