How do I amend the standard Altis styles/templates?

Note: At Altis we sometimes call our pre-loaded templates ‘the vanilla styles’, so if that phrase is used you will know the reference. Altis users are able to amend the pre-loaded styles to read whatever the firm would like them to say. This is in addition to the ability to add your own styles to the system. There is also … Read More

Can I upload my own templates to the document styles?

Yes you can add your own templates and styles for Altis to pre-populate with the correct information however only Key Account Holders and Administrators are able to update these templates as the templates are accessed by the whole firm. If you are the Key Account holder or Administrator, you can do this from the Configuration page on your toolbar on … Read More

Can I upload my own template to the email styles?

To upload an email template first you must go to the configuration section, if you are not the key account holder or have administrative rights you will not be able to see this. Once in this section you will see a widget titled ‘Email Styles’, this is the widget that contains all of the email styles/templates that are available for your … Read More