What happens if I do not complete a transaction?

The details of the transaction will remain in Altis and you will not be charged for an incomplete transaction. You are welcome to Archive the transaction, however there will be a maximum amount of data that you are able to hold on the system without an additional charge. This information is in the Terms and Conditions if you wish to … Read More

Can I delete a transaction?

You are not able to permanently delete a transaction. When you are on the transaction page, on the menu on the left hand side there is an option titled ‘Tools’. This feature allows you to Archive a transaction. This function is also replicated on the toolbar along the top of the screen when you are on the transaction file.

How do I upload a document to Altis?

Select the icon of the document type you wish to upload on the transaction page, in this example the land certificate. Once selected, this box will appear on your screen with a button that says ‘Upload Doc’, choose this and browse for the suitable document from your files.     Alternatively you can drag the document you wish to upload from … Read More