What is the ‘Searcher Details’ widget?

This widget controls which Search company or companies your firm has access to from the Search icon on the transaction screen. There are also options to add in your firm’s account ID for the searchers provided. (The below example is from a firm who uses all three of our current search providers; First Scottish, Miller & Bryce and DM Hall.)

What is the Digital File?

The Digital File is widget shows you emails and other correspondence to or from any contact in your emails. Altis will recognise any emails you send and/or receive that relate to Altis and it will place them in this widget. You can also, drag files from the Sorting Office and add file notes. This allows all your correspondence regarding this … Read More

What is a Widget and how do I move them?

A widget is an individual component of the user interface. The boxes on the transaction page are all separate widgets, these can be moved around and rearranged into any format you would like them to be in. To move a widget just click the top of it and you can drag it around the screen and drop it wherever you … Read More