Adding a conveyancer not appearing for the Other Side?

Altis maintains a list of solicitors, conveyancers, legal secretaries and legal administrators. This list contains names and details of Solicitors registered with the Law Society of Scotland. However, Altis does not have a definitive list of all conveyancers, legal secretaries and legal administrators (grouped as conveyancers within the Altis platform). What does this mean? From time-to-time you may need to … Read More

What is the Documents widget?

The Documents widget is where the firm can store documents relating to the prospect. Amongst others, you have the following options available; · Title Sheet · Schedule · Home Report · Missives · Alterations Document · Specialist Documents · Standard clauses (This should automatically populate with the most recent version of this document) · Client Guide for standard clauses (This ... Read More

Rich text formatting in emails

You can use the rich text editor toolbar to format and style the text that appears in emails, such as: Bold, Italicise and Underline text Create numbered lists Create bulleted lists Increase or decrease the start of line position (indent) Create tables – add rows and columns Amend the font colour Note: The rich text editor tool can be used … Read More

What is the Selling Agent widget

The Selling Agent widget allows users to record who is the selling agent in a particular transaction. This is particularly useful if the selling agent and the selling solicitor are different organisations. This widget can be found on a Sale, Purchase and PIP transaction. To add a selling agent, first click on the link in the title ‘Click here to … Read More

What is the Other Side Team widget

The Other Side Team widget allows users to add and manage other side contacts when working on a solo transaction (i.e. the otherside is not using Altis or have not yet accepted the invite to work on the other side yet). To start adding contacts, you first must set which firm is acting on the other side via the Other … Read More

What is the “Your Team” widget

The Your Team widget allows users to add their own firm contacts that will be acting on the transaction. Click on the button titled ‘Add a team member’: Select the User and Role and click on the ‘Save’ button. Your or your colleagues details will be added to the transaction. Multiple contacts can be added and removed. You can add … Read More

How do I send an email on behalf of someone else?

When sending emails from within an Altis transaction you can send them on behalf of someone else. Message recipients will see that the message has been sent on behalf of the other person. Any replies will be sent to the person whom the email was sent on behalf of. If you are using an email template that contains signatures the email will be … Read More

How do I save an email as a draft?

You can save your email as a draft to be completed and sent at a later date. To save a message To save an email as a draft: Within the transaction, select the email icon to create a new email Fill in the required fields Select your template Compose your email Click the save as draft & close button Consequently, your email will be stored … Read More

How do I create a new letter or document?

In Altis you can create a letter or a document using existing templates. To create a letter or document select the appropriate icon on the top of the page or from the tools menu on the left. Creating a document: Once you have selected the create new document icon, a new window will open, this is the part where you … Read More

How do I share a document?

Altis gives you the ability to share documents with the other side quickly and easily. To share a document you need to add this to the documents widget (document store). You can add documents to the document store by dragging and dropping the document from the sorting office or desktop to the appropriate document icon. You can also add documents … Read More

How do I archive all my documents from a transaction?

Once a transaction is completed you may wish to extract all the documents from your Altis transaction and store this to your case management system. Altis has the ability to archive all the documents from a transaction into a zip file, making it easy for you store this. To archive all the documents: Select the transaction you wish to archive … Read More

The Altis Office Plugin (Word and Outlook)

Overview Altis for Office is an add-in for Microsoft Office which allows users to easily save documents and emails to conveyancing cases in Altis. The add-in is designed to work on versions of Microsoft Office from 2003 and above, and either 32-bit or 64-bit editions (separate installers are required).   32-bit Office:   64-bit Office: The plugin is … Read More

What is the Related Transactions widget?

The Related Transactions widget shows all active sale and purchase transactions for the client and at what stage this is at. This is useful to know if the client is in the legal process of buying or selling another property as this gives you a quick overview of all the transactions in one place.

What is the Client Information widget?

The Client Information widget stores the client reference and current status, the reference is your own internal reference for your client and will be used in various emails and letters. If you update this information, it will update on all transactions related to the client. This can be updated at any time by clicking on the edit button.

How do QR codes work in Altis?

Scanning continues to be a pain point for firms using Altis (or any digital conveyancing platform for that matter). To help simplify the process, we have added QR codes to each transaction which will allow users to scan documents directly into the correct transaction without needing to know the Altis ID. It will also allow users to scan in batched … Read More

How do I add an attachment from my computer to an email I’m sending from Altis?

You are able to send emails from Altis, with and without an attachment. The basic emailing instructions can be found here. Previously you were only able to send documents that were stored within Altis as attachments to those emails, now you are able to add any document from your computer to the recipient of your email from Altis. To find … Read More

How do you create a PDF of the transaction summary?

You are able to export your summary view of the transaction screen by selecting the following button: Your computer will then either automatically download or automatically open this file, which will look like the following: From there you are able to save, print or send your PDF document as necessary.

How do I create a PDF of the Observations widget?

You are able to export the Observations widget to a PDF, which can then be printed out, or sent elsewhere if it has to. To do this, head to the Observations widget where you will find the following button : Once selected, this button will create a PDF of your observations and will either open automatically, or download to your … Read More

What is the Supporting Deeds widget?

The Supporting Deeds widget records the details for any additional deeds required for submission to the Registers of Scotland. These will be pulled in to the Land Registration Application form using the information provided in the widget. To add a supporting deed, first click on the button titled ‘Click here to add a new deed’. Select the deed type, date … Read More

How do I delete a client from an Altis transaction?

When there is only one client – When there is only one client, you can simply delete the client by selecting the ‘rubbish bin’ icon on the top of the widget. This will also remove all clients if there are multiple clients. When there are multiple clients – To remove a client from your transaction when there are multiple clients, … Read More

How do I assign my transaction to a colleague?

You are able to assign your transaction to a colleague either for a set period of time or indefinitely, find out how to do both below. Within your transaction you will be able to see a widget titled ‘Assign to a Colleague’, it shows you who is currently assigned to this transaction. On this widget there is a button that … Read More

What is the Payments section?

The payments section is the area of the system where you are able to view all invoices created for your firm by Altis. These invoices are generated on the date of entry for the transaction, and payment is taken seven days after. Payment is taken via Direct Debit, to inform us any changes to your direct debit information, please get … Read More

How do I create a new task on the conveyancing checklist?

To add a task to the conveyancing checklist within Altis, you must first go to the Configuration section, located on the menu bar on the left. You will only have access to the configuration section if you are an administrative user. Within this page there are two widgets, one for ‘Sale Checklist Configuration’ and one for ‘Purchase Checklist Configuration’. Go to the … Read More

How do I amend the conveyancing checklist?

To amend the conveyancing checklist within Altis, you must first go to the Configuration section, located on the menu bar on the left. You will only have access to the configuration section if you are an administrative user. Within this page there are two widgets, one for ‘Sale Checklist Configuration’ and one for ‘Purchase Checklist Configuration’. To amend a task on … Read More

How do I remove an item from the sorting office?

You are able to remove documents from your sorting office. When an item is removed using the archive functionality, it is never fully deleted, only hidden from view. To do this, click on the document you want to archive – when you do, a box with the document info will appear on the screen. In the bottom left hand corner … Read More

How do I populate the Registers of Scotland Land Registration Application using Altis? – BETA

NB: This project is currently in a beta testing phase – if you would like to be involved in the final stage of the testing process for this feature, please get in touch. Altis is able to populate the RoS application form for you with a few simple steps. An API (Application Programming Interface) uses the information contained in two … Read More

How do I archive a transaction?

In Altis you are able to archive your unused or completed transactions. Below is a step by step of how to archive using Altis. Step 1: Find and select the archive button on the toolbar at the top right of the transaction or in the drop down on the left-hand side of the screen Step 2: Head to the transactions … Read More

How do I amend the standard Altis styles/templates?

Note: At Altis we sometimes call our pre-loaded templates ‘the vanilla styles’, so if that phrase is used you will know the reference. Altis users are able to amend the pre-loaded styles to read whatever the firm would like them to say. This is in addition to the ability to add your own styles to the system. There is also … Read More

How do I create a draft letter in Altis?

In Altis you are able to create a draft letter, this allows you and your colleagues to continuously amend the document using the text edit function before it is ready to send. When creating a letter within Altis, either via the dashboard or through a document icon, you will now be presented with two options; ‘Create Final Document’ or ‘Create Draft’. The option … Read More

What are the instant notifications that appear on my Altis page?

Stay up to date at every moment with Altis’ instant notification feature. When the Other Side do something on a transaction you are assigned to, you will receive a notification in the top left hand side of your screen. Much like social media, this allows you to immediately respond or react to whatever’s happening in your transaction. The actions you … Read More

Information about Email Setup

This page outlines the information required to allow Altis to send emails on your behalf, and to help to prevent them from going into your recipient’s spam or junk folder, we need you to update your DNS(1) records with some new TXT records. Typically, the instructions below will be sent to your firm’s IT manager to implement the changes: Redirect To … Read More

What is the ‘Searcher Details’ widget?

This widget controls which Search company or companies your firm has access to from the Search icon on the transaction screen. There are also options to add in your firm’s account ID for the searchers provided. (The below example is from a firm who uses all three of our current search providers; First Scottish, Miller & Bryce and DM Hall.)

What are the Lender Portals?

The Lender Portals are a series of links to the websites of Banks who have kindly made their mortgage deeds available online. This is so that solicitors are not submitting out of date documents to the lenders. Please, if you find any more, let us know and we’ll get them added!

How do I add a related transaction?

Within your transaction screen, you are able to add a related transaction to your current one. So for example, if Linda in the transaction below, is selling her property at Lynedoch Place, but purchasing one at Prestonhall Avenue, you are able to connect the two transactions. This means that if certain things haven’t been completed on one transactions, this system … Read More

What is the ‘Surveyors’ widget?

The surveyors widget shows you who the surveyor is for this transaction and stores all the info about them. This is where you’ll find their contact details if you need them, provided you’ve added a surveyor in. It’s also where Altis takes the information from when populating documents relating to the surveyor.

What is the ‘Checklist’?

The checklist is a handy list of conveyancing tasks, designed to help keep you on track with your transaction. Differing for purchasing and selling transactions, these checklists can be customised to suit your firms practices. A task shown in red indicates that the task is overdue, a task in amber is due in the next 7 days, and a task … Read More

What is ‘Google Maps’?

Google Maps is a handy tool that allows you to see where the property is located on a map. You are able to zoom in and scroll around the area and when possible, street view will also be provided. NB: Google Maps will take you to the centre of the postcode NOT to the specific property. Unfortunately this is not … Read More

Can I upload my own templates to the document styles?

Yes you can add your own templates and styles for Altis to pre-populate with the correct information however only Key Account Holders and Administrators are able to update these templates as the templates are accessed by the whole firm. If you are the Key Account holder or Administrator, you can do this from the Configuration page on your toolbar on … Read More

How do I send an email using Altis?

When on the transaction page on Altis, there are a couple of places where you can find the functionality to send an email. Firstly it is on the toolbar along the top of the page shown as an envelope icon, it is also shown on the Tools tab on the left hand side of the page, within the document icons … Read More

What is the Sorting Office?

The Sorting Office widget is an area within the transaction that uncategorised documents can be held awaiting further direction. The documents in this section support a drag and drop functionality and can be dragged from the Sorting Office widget and dropped into the specific category type in the Documents widget and thus shared with the other side. The documents will … Read More

How do I over-ride the Lender address?

When you input the Lender information into the transaction, they will automatically have their main office or headquarters address attached to them. You may wish to change this address in order to create letters that go to the correct address. To do this, click on the ‘edit’ icon next to the lender name, this will open up a dialogue box … Read More

What is the Transaction Lenders widget?

The transaction Lenders widget shows you the details of the lenders involved in the transaction. It outlines the name of the lender(s), the account number of the transaction and the address if it is provided. This information is used in the auto-population of your documents within Altis.

What are the ‘Contact Details’?

These are the contact details for your client. This widget will also show any additional contacts related to the original contact e.g their spouse or partner. If your contacts details are amended here, they will be amended in every instance on the system that this contacts information appears.

What is the ‘Calendar’ widget?

The calendar widget is, as the name suggests, a calendar showing all of the Dates of Entry. You are also able to add other users from your firm to your calendar page. So for example if you are a partner in a firm, you are able to see the entry dates of all of your colleagues and paralegals/conveyancers properties. This … Read More

What are ‘Reports’?

This is a handy tool that allows you to create various reports through Altis. It pulls various different pieces of information from your account to compile a report based on the transactions you are assigned to.

What is the ‘Transaction Summary’?

The Transaction Summary is essentially a list of all of the transactions that are assigned to you. This is shown on the Dashboard page. It allows the user to clearly see what is pending completion and what tasks are yet to be done. It can be filtered and searched through for ease of use. The fields that the summary shows … Read More

What is ‘Your Firms’?

Altis gives you the ability to swap between firms should you be a part of or working for, more than one legal firm. When you login, you will not have been assigned to a firm, so you must search for and select your firm from the alphabetised list. This will then pull up all the transactions you have been assigned … Read More

What is my Altis transaction reference number?

Your Altis transaction reference number is the unique reference which is assigned when you create your transaction. It is usually the digits at the end of the full transaction number that you are shown onscreen, in the case of the image below, the number used would be 3143. However these numbers can be shorter or longer than 4 digits.

How do I scan a document into Altis?

Scanning a document into Altis is the best way to get a paper document into the system. To do this you will need to have a scanner that is able to scan to email. Go to your scanner and get your document ready, in the ‘To’ field add in the following email address: In the subject line of the … Read More

How do I send an email to a specific Altis transaction?

By sending an email with the subject line including #altislegal followed by the transaction reference number (e.g #altislegal-1234), your message will automatically appear in the communications log of the relevant transaction. Any attachments will also show in the communications log and you can drag and drop them into the sorting office to await checking, or the relevant document icon if … Read More

How do I send an email to Altis when I don’t know the reference number?

By sending an email to your Altis email address, your email will automatically appear* in your Altis Inbox. Your Altis email address will follow this formula: For example I log into Altis using the email address, therefore my Altis email address would be If you need some help working out your unique Altis email address, please don’t … Read More

What is the ‘Secure Area’ lock for on my Personal Details Vault?

This is an important safety feature of Altis. Altis already has a very high level of security, however we are aware that some information relating to your client will be particularly sensitive, to accommodate this, we have added an additional layer of security to one of our widgets on the transaction page. The area which offers an additional layer of … Read More

An email has been put in the wrong transaction, how do I move it?

To reassign an email from the Communications Widget, check the box that sits in-line with the email. Then click the ‘Move Selected Emails’ button at the bottom of the widget (pictured below), this will open up a box that will ask you to select another transaction to assign the email to, select the correct email and click the ‘Assign’ button. … Read More

What are the ways in which I can log Communications?

There a few different ways in which the Digital File widget can be updated to store your correspondence. The first, and most intuitive way, is for your email exchange to push through the emails you receive regarding Altis, directly into your Altis inbox. This requires your IT provider to alter a few of the settings within your emails to set … Read More

What is the Digital File?

The Digital File is widget shows you emails and other correspondence to or from any contact in your emails. Altis will recognise any emails you send and/or receive that relate to Altis and it will place them in this widget. You can also, drag files from the Sorting Office and add file notes. This allows all your correspondence regarding this … Read More

My contact has duplicated on the system. Can I delete a contact?

You are not able to permanently delete a duplicated contact however you are able to archive a contact so that it no longer appears on the contact screen. This also means if you require the contact again it can be easily retrieved.

How do I change my direct Debit information?

If you need to change your direct debit information please get in touch with us at or call us on 0131 297 3210.

What is the ‘Other Side’?

This is a widget containing details of the solicitor and conveyancer on the Other Side of the transaction. This information is used when Altis pre-populates documents.

What are the ‘Transaction Details’?

These are the Transaction Details. This information is used when Altis pre-populates documents.

What are the ‘Purchaser Details’?

These are the personal details of the purchaser. This information is used when Altis pre-populates documents. If you are acting on behalf of the Seller, you will not be able to amend this information, as shown in the example below. If the purchaser is not your client, you will only be able to see their name and address.

What are the ‘Seller Details’?

These are the personal details of the seller. This information is used when Altis pre-populates documents. If you are acting on behalf of the Purchaser, you will not be able to amend this information. If the seller is not your client, you will only be able to see their name and address.

What are the Conveyancing Portals?

These are a selection of useful links which relate to the conveyancing process. These will be updated and added to over time. If there is one you would particularly like to add please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will add it in for you.

What is the Personal Details Vault?

The Personal Details Vault is a widget that is designed to house all of your client’s personal documents. It has an additional layer of security so as to provide extra protection for the sensitive information within, and to remind you that this information is never shared with the other side. The widget will lock itself down after 5 minutes. Open … Read More

Can I add a contact to the contacts page without having transacted with them on Altis?

Yes, please do! The contacts page acts as a CRM system for your customers and you are welcome to use it as such. You can add contact notes, and add properties to the contact from their contact page.

Can I download the activity log?

Yes you are able to download the activity log, this can be done by pressing the download icon on the bottom left hand side of the widget. This will export the selected content of the activity log to a PDF document, which can then be downloaded or printed.

What is an observation?

An observation is a note or message that you send to the other side. This message will be combined with a task or action you would like them to carry out. This prompts the other side to read/complete/upload a document or request a search. This allows both sides to speed up the transaction process by ensuring each side has done … Read More

Can I use Altis in conjunction with other case management systems?

Absolutely! Altis can be used as part of any processes you already have, we are also willing to integrate with any existing case management systems you are using. So if you use one in particular let us know and we can contact them regarding integration. We can also offer an export service if you wish to store your documents in … Read More

What happens if the other side are not using Altis?

This is not a problem! Altis will still work for you even if the other side of the transaction are not using it. When you create your transaction, you should select the other side as normal. They will receive an invitation to transact with you which they must respond to so that Altis knows if they are using it or … Read More

How do I add a new user to my firm?

The Key Account holder at your firm or user with Administrative access must activate your user profile from the Configuration section of the site. They will set up the new user and assign them their access rights, the user will then receive a confirmation email to create an account. To add a new user please follow the steps below (images … Read More

What happens if I do not complete a transaction?

The details of the transaction will remain in Altis and you will not be charged for an incomplete transaction. You are welcome to Archive the transaction, however there will be a maximum amount of data that you are able to hold on the system without an additional charge. This information is in the Terms and Conditions if you wish to … Read More

How much does each transaction cost and who pays?

Altis costs £30 for a purchasing transaction and £30 for a selling transaction (+VAT). The invoice for this cost is generated on date of entry, and is charged via Direct Debit 7 days later. Altis leave the decision of who pays entirely up to the firm who is using the system.

Can I delete a transaction?

You are not able to permanently delete a transaction. When you are on the transaction page, on the menu on the left hand side there is an option titled ‘Tools’. This feature allows you to Archive a transaction. This function is also replicated on the toolbar along the top of the screen when you are on the transaction file.

What happens if I ignore a transaction request?

If you are already using Altis and you ignore a transaction request, any information relating to that case which is added from the other Solicitor will be emailed to you. You will have other opportunities to take up this transaction.

How do I upload a document to Altis?

Select the icon of the document type you wish to upload on the transaction page, in this example the land certificate. Once selected, this box will appear on your screen with a button that says ‘Upload Doc’, choose this and browse for the suitable document from your files.     Alternatively you can drag the document you wish to upload from … Read More

Can I delete a document?

You cannot delete a document, however you can upload a new version of the document.

How do I bring a document icon back into the document widget?

If you drag an icon out of the Documents widget, it will remove the icon from the section.   If you did this by accident, or realise you do actually need to provide that specific document, fear not, you CAN get it back. At the top right hand corner of the documents widget you will see a small icon of … Read More

What is a Private Document?

An private document is one that isn’t shared with the other side unless you specify that it is a shared document. It is perhaps a letter regarding the document or other relevant documents that are not necessarily officially required, these can be private or not, depending on your selection.

How do I conclude the missives using Altis?

At the top of the transaction screen there is a line of text that reads ‘Missives Concluded?’. If you click on this link, you will see a series of two popups to double check that you are sure you would like to conclude the missives for this transaction. If you are sure, click through these popups and you will have … Read More

How do I make a new observation?

There a number of places to make an observation, however the most obvious is from the Observations widget itself. Scroll down to the Observations widget on the transaction page and press the button that says ‘Click here to add a new observation’. It will then ask you to include a subject and click on the document/search type on the drop … Read More

Can I remove an observation?

You cannot remove an observation, however if you take the observation through the steps of the traffic light system it will go green and thus be completed.

What is the ‘traffic light’ system and how does it work?

The traffic light system is a system during which an observation changes colour depending on its status. This allows both sides of the transaction to keep on top of one another’s progress. Once the initial observation has been made, it will appear as a red ‘Action Required’ alert on the other side’s transaction page. Once they have then completed the … Read More

Do I have to refresh the screen to see updates to the observations?

Nope! The page responds in real time so the updates to the observations will happen as and when they happen in real life, no need for a page refresh every 10 minutes!

Can I amend the activity log?

The activity log cannot be amended. This is a full audit trail of any/all activities undertaken on the transaction and as such, you are unable to amend it.

Who can see my notepad?

Any user with access to the transaction file from your side will be able to see the notepad attached to this file. The other side will NOT be able to see your notepad. The notepad is essentially just a sticky post-it on top of the case file!

How do I make a note?

To make a note on the notepad, you just need to click on the notepad and begin typing! Then just click the floppy disk icon on the top right and this will save the note. The notepad is just for notes that anyone picking up the case in your absence may need; client’s on holiday, yourself on holiday and when … Read More

Can I upload my own template to the email styles?

To upload an email template first you must go to the configuration section, if you are not the key account holder or have administrative rights you will not be able to see this. Once in this section you will see a widget titled ‘Email Styles’, this is the widget that contains all of the email styles/templates that are available for your … Read More

How do I amend my email/notification settings? (Rules)

The notification settings can only be changed by the Key Account Holder/Administrator. If this applies to you, some of these settings can be amended from the Configuration page however we would recommend further training on how to create these settings so please get in touch and we will arrange a meeting with you. Alternatively get in touch with us and … Read More

What is a Widget and how do I move them?

A widget is an individual component of the user interface. The boxes on the transaction page are all separate widgets, these can be moved around and rearranged into any format you would like them to be in. To move a widget just click the top of it and you can drag it around the screen and drop it wherever you … Read More

I’ve forgotten my password!

Oh dear! Don’t worry, we’ll get you back in. All you need to do is click ‘Forgot your password?’ on the login page. This will then send you an email which will contain a link. Click on this link and it will prompt you to create a new password.

Can I login from home?

Provided your firm has authorised remote access and you have access to the internet, you can log into Altis from home, or from anywhere in the world with your username and password or Smartcard and reader.

How do I log in using my Smartcard?

To log in using your Smartcard you must have a Smartcard reader. When you open up the website and insert your Smartcard into your smartcard reader, the website will automatically change from a user/password login page to a Smartcard PIN login page. More information on the Law Society Issued Smartcard can be found here.

How do I start a new transaction (purchasing/selling)?

Once you’ve logged in using either your username/password or your Law Society SmartCard, head to the Menu on the left where you will see a tab entitled ‘Transactions’. Within this tab you will be given the option to create a new Selling or Purchasing transaction, select the applicable type and fill in the wizard steps! Then voila, you should have … Read More

How can I log in?

You should be able to log in using your unique username and password or using your Law Society Scotland issued Smartcard.