Can I upload my own templates to the document styles?

Yes you can add your own templates and styles for Altis to pre-populate with the correct information however only Key Account Holders and Administrators are able to update these templates as the templates are accessed by the whole firm.

If you are the Key Account holder or Administrator, you can do this from the Configuration page on your toolbar on the left of the screen. In the ‘Document Styles’ section on this page, there is a button at the bottom which asks you to ‘Click here to add a new style’. You can then add a pre-made template to your Altis style bank.

  • Add a Style name, this is the name that will appear on the transaction screen when you choose to create a document from style.
  • Select a ‘Template’ – when creating a letter you would select the recipient from the list, however if you wish to upload a legal document just select Blank Letterhead.
  • Input the body of the text into the ‘Default Content’ section with placeholders for any info that is to be pulled through from Altis
  • Select whether this is a letter or a document – letters will populate into the Comms Log automatically, they will also automatically be stored in the ‘Associated Documents’ tab
  • Select whether the document would be created on a selling transaction or on a purchasing transaction
  • Finally, assign the document/letter to a document type, this will be the icon under which the document will automatically be saved in the Document Widget.

document template