What is the Selling Agent widget

The Selling Agent widget allows users to record who is the selling agent in a particular transaction. This is particularly useful if the selling agent and the selling solicitor are different organisations.

This widget can be found on a Sale, Purchase and PIP transaction. To add a selling agent, first click on the link in the title ‘Click here to set Agency Details’.

Selling Agent widget – no details

You can either opt to create a new Agency or search for an existing. If you search for an existing Agency just start typing the details and the contacts will appear in a list, just click on the appropriate one:

Choose Agency Modal

If you wish to add a new Agency just add the required information that appears in the modal when you click on the button:

Create New Agency Modal

The details of the Selling Agent will now appear in the widget. You can also add the Negotiators details by clicking on the + sign in the widget header:

Selling Agent widget – details added

Note: Creating a Purchase Prospect (PIP) using the ESPC url method the Selling Agent details automatically populate this widget and carry through to the Purchase Transaction.